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The most beautiful thing in life

„Yes, I want“ to organize the most beautiful day of your life together with you – from invitations to gift lists, from music to catering, from hairstyle and shaving to pumps and socks, from beginning to end…



Some want a simple celebration in the closest family circle, others a fairytale wedding with all the trimmings. Some want a buffet, others a menu. Some just want a DJ, others want bands and more. Whatever you wish: At your first appointment, let us talk about how we can fulfil your dream of the most beautiful day of your life.

  • Fotographers

    The most beautiful photos, so that no moment is forgotten.

  • Florists

    From the registry office decoration to the bridal bouquet, the car set and the table decoration, we provide for a perfect, flowery dream wedding.

  • Preg

    Jewels Watches Optics Preference – Only in Dornbirn

  • Organization

    A dreamlike location, impressive decoration and more.

  • Catering

    Delicious food & the right wine are of course a must.

    • Shuttle

      Make it easy for your guests and provide them with a shuttle.

    • Foodtrucks

      Give your wedding something special with your own food truck.

    • Makeup artist

      Let your personal stylist easily put the finishing touches home.

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    Unforgettable experiences

    Celebrate the feast of love you’ve always dreamed of. We accompany you throughout the day and make it an unforgettable spectacle for you and your guests.

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    Write me a short message and the next steps to your dream wedding we go together. I look forward to your message.